Three-quarters of heroin addicts used to take prescription drugs and switched to heroin, which is cheaper and more easily available on the black market. A gram of pure heroin costs less than half what it did in the 1980s, in real terms. “This is a doctor-caused epidemic,” says Tom Frieden, boss of the CDC. In states with higher prescription rate of opioid painkillers, such as Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, the number of heroin addicts is higher too.
- The Economist
How Much Sympathy Do Overwhelmed White-Collar Workers Deserve? - The Atlantic

As Karen Ho observed in her penetrating study Liquidated, the volatile, abusive work environment of Wall Street bankers directly informs the way they look at the rest of the economy: If suddenly losing one’s job was a constant risk for them, as Ivy League graduates, how could a blue-collar worker ask for more?

Hence, in regard to our subject, the art of not reading is highly important. This consists in not taking a book into one’s hand merely because it is interesting the great public at the time – such as political or religious pamphlets, novels, poetry, and the like, which make a noise and reach perhaps several editions in their first and last years of existence. Remember rather that the man who writes for fools always finds a large public: and only read for a limited and definite time exclusively the works of great minds, those who surpass other men of all times and countries, and whom the voice of fame points to as such. These alone really educate and instruct.
- Arthur Schopenhauer via Eugene Wallingford
There are writers we instinctively, permanently dislike: not only will we never read them, we will quietly relish the not-reading, finding in it a pleasure that can occasionally rival reading itself.
- On the Pleasures of Not Reading - Dan Piepenbring

Baby tried some sushi! Rice everywhere.

Syria is an extremely complicated situation without good paths for anyone, and nerve agents cause a very small part of the suffering there. I don’t know how to fix it. But there’s an obvious way to help more. We can welcome and support those who get out. We have to end refugee caps, everywhere and forever.
- Charlie LLoyd
You Really Don’t Need To Work So Much - The New Yorker

modern litigation can be understood as a massive, socially unnecessary arms race, wherein lawyers subject each other to torturous amounts of labor just because they can

What enriches you is the game, not the result. The result is a piece of data. The birth rate goes up. Is that enriching? No. But the process that led to that? Now that’s enriching. Fulfillment comes from the process
- Louis van Gaal
In other words, Sales is talking to exactly the sorts of people you’d expect to use dating apps in a way that will help them find more people to sleep with, and then, having discovered that these promiscuous people use a promiscuity-enabling app to find other promiscuous people to have promiscuous sex with, reporting back to us that we’re in the midst of a promiscuity-fueled dating “revolution” in how people deal with romance and sex. This is known as confirmation bias.
- Has Tinder Really Sparked a Dating Apocalypse? - Jesse Singal
Fitting copyable things into the capitalist market economy is something of an unsolved problem.
- More Money For Better Open-Source Software - Marijn Haverbeke